The Future of Digital Video Advertising

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The future of digital video advertising is undeniably bright. When it comes to brand awareness, it’s hard to beat an engaging video, with 84% of consumers attributing a brand’s videos to their decision to purchase a product. 


The runaway success of TikTok and the continued flourishing of YouTube and Instagram provide a rich landscape of potential customers to target. But the future of digital video advertising is not without its challenges, from difficulty measuring success to challenges with targeting. 


In this article, we’ll look at the future of digital video advertising, how it will keep evolving, and how to get the most out of your video marketing.

Defining Digital Video Advertising

As a marketing strategy, digital video advertising involves using brief, engaging videos to promote a product or service. These ads will air before, during, or after the main video on platforms like YouTube, or in between posts on platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook. 


Over six months, digital media company MediaMind analyzed over three billion ad impressions across the globe. They found that video ads had a whopping 27.4 times higher click-through rate (CTR) than standard banner ads. 


This speaks to the fact that digital video advertising is highly effective at breaking through ‘banner blindness’ – searchers reflexively ignoring all static adverts due to oversaturation. On YouYube, video ads will be played for at least five seconds before a ‘skip ad’ button is displayed – long enough to establish your brand name and what you sell. 


Across platforms, the dynamism of video makes it much easier to ‘hook’ your viewer with storytelling techniques. Furthermore, a humorous and compelling video makes for eminently sharable media. People resonate with media that makes them “feel”. 


The principles behind effective content marketing – supplying your audience with valuable content free of charge to build trust and brand awareness – can also be applied to digital video advertising. If you create truly entertaining content, not only will your brand remain in viewers’ minds, but they will also happily share it themselves.

Future of Digital Video Advertising

Challenges in the Future of Digital Video Advertising

That’s not to say all video content is guaranteed to capture the audience’s attention. Like with written content, having a strategy and effective targeting is essential. Otherwise, you’re not likely to see much ROI. 


Not incorporating SEO into your strategy, beginning the video with a call to action (ie, taking a hard-sell approach), or creating a video with low production values are all likely to repel viewers. 


Creating content that offers value to your viewers is also obviously crucial – although combining entertainment value with information is a balancing act that’s easier said than done.  There’s no point in creating a ten-minute video methodically explaining how to do something if the first few seconds don’t compel viewers to keep watching, and there’s little point in creating an outlandishly bold ad for viral video bait if it doesn’t make it clear what your company is selling. 


Your strategy must also take into account the differences in tone between platforms. The same potential customer will be engaged by different things on LinkedIn than on Instagram, for example, as they will browse these platforms with different intents.

What is the Future?

While video is an effective medium to drive brand recognition, in the future we’ll likely be seeing more direct ways for it to drive sales. Data will drive a successful digital video ad strategy – video marketers will lean increasingly into retargeting ads across platforms. If you sell a product that can be demonstrated succinctly, influencer marketing involving a demo can be impactful. However, bear in mind that this is currently more useful for B2C marketing. 


Not all digital video advertising needs to be simple, ads-y entertainment – there is room for subtler methods as well

Great marketers will also realize video content should be used far beyond advertising for full effectiveness. Videos can be embedded into email sequences, lending more professionalism and value to outbound campaigns. Webinars can be a powerful form of gated content. How-to videos relating to your buyers’ industry are an impactful form of content marketing, as many people process instructions better over video than written step-by-step instructions.

Future of Digital Video Advertising

The future of digital video advertising will see it keep growing, both in usage and use cases. 

But to get the most out of your video ads, you need a dedicated eye on the analytics and key metrics of our ads. Effective targeting, consumer research, competitor analysis, and persuasive landing pages all underpin video marketing success. 


An ad agency can be a powerful ally in this. Consistency is key in any marketing campaign, but especially crucial for leveraging content to build loyalty and trust. Even if you can hypothetically manage all your marketing yourself, it’s important to be aware of logistical challenges – will you have the time to ensure results? 


Doing your marketing in your spare time may cut costs in the short term, but if your efforts don’t build into a synergistic strategy, they may not amount to much. Marketing is a full-time job for a reason. A consistent, successful marketing campaign will pay for itself in the long run. Furthermore, video is not a forgiving medium – your viewers will be inundated with prestige video content and low production values can instantly jar.


A video ad agency can do the crucial, in-depth research into how you should be pitching and targeting your ads, create a content plan for you accordingly and then write, shoot and edit the material. They will then monitor your campaigns and experiment for maximum ROI. Crucially, they will also be able to integrate your video ad strategy into your overarching marketing, combining methods for maximum impact – and that is truly the future of Digital Video Advertising. 


At Nituno, we are a full-service marketing agency that uses a selection of methods, from video ads to inbound, outbound, and PPC marketing to meet our individual clients’ needs. Experience has taught us that every client requires a fresh strategy and a keen understanding of their goals and objectives. If you need engaging and effective video advertising, we can help. Book a strategy meeting today. 

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