An Inbound Marketing Agency Founded By Startup Founders

We founded Nituno to disrupt the marketing agency space. Specifically, we think that conventional Inbound Marketing Agencies are great at scaling what works. Nituno focuses on building new B2B Acquisition Channels from scratch.


Our Leadership Team

Startup Marketing Agency
Startup Marketing Agency
Matt Rauscher - Nituno CEO

Matt Rauscher

Chief Executive Officer

After running his startup, Matt founded Nituno, a startup marketing agency solely focused on helping B2B startups grow their pipe fast. If you have a great product and need to go from 10 customers to 100 customers in a few months, let's talk!

Startup Marketing Agency
Arden Manning - Nituno Managing Directo

Arden Manning

Managing Director

Arden started his career working with the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee focusing on technology, PR and communications. Since, he's managed marketing and sales in Europe and the US. He believes that good marketing and communications aren't about buzzwords, it's about understanding your target buyer and positioning yourself to help fix their problems.​

Nituno is the MBA for Future Tech Chief Marketing Officers

We’ve all read “About Us” pages explaining that the company is People-First. Scratch beyond the surface and we realize that they haven’t actually thought about what it means to be People-First.

Why We (Really) Are People-First

At Nituno, we define ourselves as People-First. We believe it is our responsibility to give remarkable opportunities to remarkable young men and women, regardless of their background. We expect our Nitunites to be humble, hard-working, self-disciplined and results-driven. Nituno will provide a safe environment where they will thrive, grow and learn. 

Our promise to Nitunites

  • A culture that does not tolerate toxicity. We’d rather fire the genius than tolerate negativity. 
  • We try to build a true team, where everyone supports each other. We hire both for skills and culture fit.
  • We pay competitively to ensure our staff can live a fulfilling life.
  • We invest even more in training our staff to learn new skills and gain certifications.
  • More importantly, we empower our staff to leave their comfort zones and gain responsibility fast. Making mistakes and failing will never be looked down upon, as a thirst to learn is what gets us up in the morning. 
Benefits of B2B Marketing
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