A Marketing Agency Founded for People Who Don't Like Marketing Agencies

We founded Nituno to disrupt the marketing agency space. Specifically, we think that conventional marketing agencies don’t work for startups. So, we built one that does! 

What Startups Need:

Plug&Play Marketing

Startups need marketing that just works and is based on testing ideas. They need lots of profiles: video editors, writers, strategists and social media experts. But they don't need any of them full time!


Startup marketing should test ideas by pushing content in front of target buyers. This means they can't wait for SEO to work, they need to prospect now.


In a startup everyone is dedicated to one goal: selling. Startup marketing needs to empower this goal.

Our Vision for Startup Marketing

We believe that marketing startups is different from marketing existing companies. Startups, even those who are more mature, have unique challenges. They are often solving problems that people have but to which they don’t even know there is a solution. Often B2B tech startups sell technically complex solutions which need to be ‘translated’ from the tech into business-speak and business outcomes. 

Startups have one goal: hit sales goals. Marketing must empower sales and fill the sales funnel with leads so that the sales team can hit its goals. This means that startup marketers need to go further down the sales funnel. Marketing needs to actually qualify leads and prospects both to test messages and to generate leads. 

Finally, startups need a lot of different roles in marketing. They need video editors, content writers, designers, social media experts, etc. But they don’t need any of these roles full time. They need them for a few hours per month or for specific projects. 

The unique challenges that startups render conventional marketing agencies useless. We know this because we ran a startup and tried to work with conventional marketing agencies. At Nituno we built an agency from the ground up specifically to serve B2B tech startups. We have strategists, prospectors, video editors, designers and more. We’ve built what we call startup marketing commando teams that are ready to parachute in to help your startup scale up! 

Our Leadership Team

Startup Marketing Agency
Startup Marketing Agency
matt rauscher startup marketing agency

Matt Rauscher

After running his own startup, Matt founded Nituno, a startup marketing agency solely focused on helping B2B startups grow their pipe fast.
If you have a great product and need to go from 10 customers to 100 customers in a few months, let's talk!

Startup Marketing Agency
Arden Manning startup marketing agency

Arden Manning

Arden started his career working with the Obama campaign focusing on technology, PR and communications. Since, he's managed marketing and sales in Europe and the US. He believes that good marketing and communications aren't about buzzwords, it's about understanding your target buyer and positioning yourself to help fix their problems.

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